The PIL, the Israeli Federation of independent Record Labels, was founded in 1988 as a house for independent artists and labels in Israel, under increasing demand for an official organization which will represent the rights of independent labels and regulate the relationship between them and those who wish to use their recordings

Today the PIL is home to over 550 independent artists and labels.

Among the services rendered by the PIL to its members, is the management of their master rights in sound recordings, including licensing them for public performance rights, the collection and distribution of royalties and enforcement on copyright infringement by legal means.

The PIL is a member of such international independent Music organizations as IMPALA and WIN , and is the representative of both organizations in Israel, The Worldwide independent network.

Because the importance of its activities, the PILs activity is monitored by the Israeli Anti-Trust authority in accordance with Israel's Anti-Trust law.

Under this law, the PIL's activity is regulated, and its relationship with both music users and the labels and artists it represents are transparent, clear and fair.

The PIL was also granted a license from the Anti-Trust authority to digitally distribute the labels and artists it represents in all streaming and download services worldwide, enabling global distribution for  both large-scale and lower-scale artists and labels.

This website was in created in order to be an open communication channel between the PIL and those wishing to use the musical recordings it represents.

Within the website, music users can search the PIL's catalog and determine if music recordings are represented by the PIL, questions in this subject can also be referred to email address

This site is a reliable and updated information crossroad for the entirety of web users in Israel with music on their minds:

  • Independent Artists and labels: through this site you can learn about your rights in musical recordings, how to register with the PIL and read updates about the PIL's activities.
  • Music Users: Here you will be able to receive extensive information about the types of music licenses available through the PIL and their costs, you will also be able to stay informed on the PILs activities and locate musical recordings in the PILs catalog.

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